By the banks of the Tigris to the south at Ctesphon lay the complex attributed to Khosrow I, King of Persia 531-579.  What remains is the taq-e Kasra, an elliptical arch soaring 120 feet above the ground that covered the king's audience hall, where his famous carpet lay.  The splendor of Khosrow’s palace is legendary.  The King’s throne was supported by winged horses and cushioned in gold brocade and was set back behind curtains open only during audience.  His huge silver and gold crown was adorned with pearls, rubies and emeralds.  The crown was so heavy that it had to be suspended above his head by a gold chain so fine that visitors were unable to tell that he was not wearing it.  When people kneeled in front of him, it was on silk rugs with a garden design which was placed on marble floors.  Khosrow I was renowned for his military and diplomatic skills and is reputed as the “just” ruler.  During his time, the game of Chess was brought to his court from India and his Chief Minister, Buzarjomehr, is reputed to have invented Backgammon.

Tagh-e kasra

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